Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up my online order?

Orders can be picked up at our warehouse. We do not mail uniforms. Our address is 1734 Republican Street, Honolulu, HI 96819. We are located in Kalihi, close to the 7-11 on the corner of Kalihi Street and Nimitz Highway. We are open Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm. Please call ahead to schedule your pick-up 808-843-1267. We do not have a traditional storefront, and our warehouse can get very busy. We may also be out on the road working onsite or making deliveries, so please call ahead.

Can I purchase uniforms in person?

Yes! You can purchase uniforms in person at our warehouse. However, it is CASH-ONLY in the warehouse. If you wish to pay with your debit/credit card, please order through the website. Please call us before your visit to make sure we will be in the shop. We do not have a traditional storefront, and our warehouse can get very busy. We may also be out on the road working onsite or making deliveries.

Kawananakoa Middle School Uniform Policy

(Revised April 2014)


All students attending Kawananakoa Middle School are required to wear the school uniform effective the first day of school. Students are required to wear a uniform shirt and adhere to the requirements regarding pants, footwear, and outwear as listed below. This dress code policy applies at all times on campus (BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL) in buses, on field trips and other school-sponsored activities. Students must remain in uniform all day, including before and after school while they are on campus. In the event of a designated day or event in which the uniform is not required, the standard dress code applies.


  • Students are required to wear the uniform wherever and whenever they are on campus including before and after school.
  • Uniforms can be purchased throughout the school year from Unlimited Designs, LLC, (808) 843-1267 or on-line at
  • The red colored school t-shirt is the official Kawananakoa Middle School uniform.
  • The red school uniform must be worn for any off-campus excursions.
  • Students must purchase the red t-shirt; other colors will be available for student purchase.
  • Shirts that are not tucked in must not exceed below bottoms (no shirt longer than shorts, etc.).
  • Shirts cannot be altered (sleeves cut off-written on, etc.) and must be in acceptable condition (cannot be torn, have large holes, etc.).
  • The school PE uniform (PE shirt) is not considered acceptable attire except during PE class. Students who change into their PE uniform during recess or lunch must wait by the appropriate locker room and wait for class to start.
  • Students who forget their shirt can contact their parents to bring their uniform to school, they can purchase a new shirt, or they can borrow a shirt from the office. If a shirt is borrowed the student will be given detention and will be required to leave the clothing item that was worn to school at the office. Students are required to wash the borrowed uniform shirt and return it to school the following school day. Students who do not return their borrowed school uniform will be subject to a monetary charge for each shirt.


  • Uniform shirts must be worn with all jackets.
  • All outerwear must have a zipper or buttons to allow for the school logo on the uniform to be visible.
  • Hooded jackets can be worn, but the student cannot wear the hood during class, while in the office, or in the cafeteria.

Pants and Shorts:

  • Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be long enough in length to reach the halfway point between the student’s hipbone and knee. Garments shorter in length will be in violation of school dress code.
  • No revealing underwear, body hugging or torn pants.
  • Slits in skirts must be no higher than the bottom of the thigh (3” above the knee cap).
  • Boys’ pants and shorts must fit at the waist without the support of a belt (Pants that fall down when the belt is off are too large).
  • Pants should have pockets so that valuables can be stored in a pocket instead of a backpack.
  • Pants with tears, holes, and rips are not allowed.


  • Footwear must be worn at all times to provide safety for the individual while on campus before, during, and after school.
  • Flats or athletic shoes are recommended footwear.
  • Maximum shoe heel height is two inches.

Headwear and other Accessories: The following head attire and accessories are not allowed anytime on campus due to its distractions in the classroom, as well as its association with gangs, and for the purpose of student safety: Spiked jewelry (wristbands, forearm bands, etc.), wristbands with inappropriate language and/or graphics, headbands, personalized caps, sweat bands, hair bands, beanies, wave caps, doo rags, bandanas, identified gang colored clothing, skull caps, jewelry, hats, etc., with designs that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex or gangs.

Clothing Tops: In the event of a special school event or a “free dress day” in which students are not required to wear their school uniform, all of the above related dress code requirements still apply, as well as the following for shirts, clothing tops, dresses, and muumuus:

  • Shirts and garments must be worn properly and not in a manner that promotes or implies gang or drug affiliation. Shirts and garments also cannot have wording or graphics containing or displaying inappropriate language, or promote or imply drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, and/or gangs.
  • No spaghetti strap garments (straps should be at least 2 inches wide).
  • No shirts and/or garments that reveal the midriff and/or cleavage.
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts.
  • No tube tops.
  • No outfits with sheer (see-through) fabrics.
  • Casual dresses, muumuus, and other outfits must cover the entire shoulder, back, midriff, and chest.
  • Dresses, muumuus must be long enough in length to reach the halfway point between the student’s hipbone and knee.
  • Shirts must remain buttoned unless worn over another appropriate shirt.
  • Undershirts must be tucked in.
  • Athletic team baseball caps and other headwear in compliance with the dress code policy are allowed on campus, but must be removed while in class, the library, auditorium, school office, and cafeteria.

Students in violation of the dress code policy will be given a detention. Continued violations will result in a suspension for insubordination.